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United States, Ashburn
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United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
15.02.2022 07:59
Very unfortunate that no one was available online via chat to attend my query today..
India, Dehradun
06.01.2022 06:48
In time delivery
United States, San Francisco
17.11.2021 02:17

The worst

While the product is good the customer service is the worst. I, unfortunately, cannot continue to use their service because of this.
United States, Seattle
26.10.2021 08:33

Great and Helpful!

The Team responded very promptly and solved the issue.
Pakistan, Karachi
02.10.2021 10:33

please dont waist time here . SAVE your money and run

No leads , no traffic , no customer service and rude staff . OSCAR WHO is actually a wimp is never online and keeps status online . zero customer service . plus no conversions at all . please listen to me . Put your money somewhere else .
India, Indore
23.09.2021 17:15

very looser

no given any reply
Nigeria, Lagos
15.09.2021 12:12

Global venture marketing company

We are here to give you the best service and also we give discounts as a matter of fact such as (15%)discount in very purchase sell from our company....And also you have to add your email details for more process ahead....
Costa Rica, Cartago
15.09.2021 00:09
Muy bueno
United States, Methuen
14.09.2021 15:48
Your system couldn't log me in after I confirmed my email twice, reset my password twice and wghen I sent a message to Andre Oscar I never received a message back. Is anybody home?
India, Delhi
11.09.2021 05:05

no response

no response in chat.
India, Delhi
07.09.2021 16:30

no response

we are online (sleeping)
Nigeria, Abuja
04.09.2021 13:29


India, New Delhi
02.09.2021 05:06

Not Responsive

Suddenly it became Un responsive.
Malta, Mosta
01.09.2021 22:55

This completely fraud

They offers 2x traffic if i accept half time of my project. But they don't. I lost my one month project but nothing changed. It's all fraud. I didn't paid for this.
Egypt, Cairo
30.08.2021 06:53
The don't answer to my email
Vietnam, Hanoi
29.08.2021 01:08
lost $59.99. unsupported
United States, Virginia Beach
26.08.2021 01:09

No one answers chat line

If someone would respond it might be worth it.

They want to have sales... but they don't want to support their clients.
Antigua and Barbuda, St John's
20.08.2021 19:10
chat line - anyone there?........
United Kingdom, Harlesden
20.08.2021 12:09

quickly solution

i never see one company that support make solution so quickly like spaktraffic..
thanks guys
India, Bengaluru
19.08.2021 17:29
no one responding

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This company does not fill in information about itself yet

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