How to add live chat to your WooCommerce store

IInstalling the chat for WooCommerce store 1. Open your WordPress admin panel and click on the Plugins. We are in the Plugins section, where we can add new plugin for WooCommerce. 2. Now, click on the Add New button. The plugin we need is 3. Type in the search box in the top-right corner of the page.  4. Once the live chat Read more

How to embed live chat box in a website

By default, the chatbox shows up on your website as a widget in the bottom-right corner. In this guide, we will show how with minimum coding you can make rendering in an <div> anywhere on your website. It might be helpful if you decided to integrate the live chat on your support page, knowledge Read more

10 Best Welcome Messages for Customers [Examples & Templates]

Positive first impressions are an essential part of the journey of forging a potent relationship with your potential customers. Welcome messages are a creative and effective way of indulging with a customer, realizing their needs, and using your products accordingly. According to research, brands that actively interact with their consumers witness 33% more growth and Read more

How to add live chat on the website

Connect live chat with to engage visitors via chat. The installation takes only a 5 minute and opens up a lot of possibilities to provide a better customer service. Installation live chat for Follow the steps below to install chat on your site: Sign in to admin panel and click on the Read more

How to add live chat to BigCommerce

To set up the chat on your website and sign up with, take the following steps. Installation live chat for via Google Analytics On BigCommerce, select your admin website’s “Advanced settings” and click on “Data Solutions.” Position your mouse in the “Google Analytics“section and click. Paste the tracking code generated in your account. After Read more

The 10 best websiter for finding customer service agents in 2022

Anyone hiring a live chat agent is faced with a wide variety of sources offering a diverse range of staff and services. The type of site or agency you use to provide customer service agents depends on the type and size of your company, the type of products you offer, and the types of enquiries Read more

How to add live chat to Shopify?

It takes about 5 minutes to install a chat on a Shopify store. And we are here to help! Click on the Contact Us link to start a conversation with our customer service team at any time. Step 1. Take the chat code from the member area.  We have this step covered in this article. Read more

How to turn off sound notifications on mac?

By default, when you install live chat app on your Mac, you can get notifications for every message from your visitors. The notifications play a standard system sound which can be annoying sometimes. Here is a small guide on how to turn off the sound for them. It was written for macOS Monterey(12.2), but Read more