Installing Live Chat on a Blogger site

With chatbox for blogger, combining all channels of communication is simple and straightforward, with an app that takes one minute to install, regardless of which kind of website you use.

Whatever the purpose of your site – blog, e-commerce, a portfolio of your work – the live chat customer support option is invaluable for keeping in touch with users and dealing with their queries or problems. If there is no agent to answer questions, users can leave a message to be answered when somebody is back online. 

Here are the simple steps to install Omnichannel Live Chat app on a Google Blogger site.

Installing live chat on a Blogger

Step 1. Sign Up on live chat

You need to have an account with before activating the live chat on the
If you do not have an account, please create one on the registration page.

Step 2. Open the Widgets page

Head over to your member area and open the Widgets page.

You can install the same chatbox HTML code on any of your subdomains, subfolders, or other domains without any additional setup.

Step 3. On the Widgets page, open the Installation tab and copy the code

Click on the widget you want to install.
If you haven’t created a widget yet, please create it by clicking on the Create Widget button.

On the Widget’s page, open the Installation tab. Next you’re on the installation page, and you can see the html code here in the box. Just click on “Copy the code” underneath the box:

Step 4. Go over to your Blogger site and click “Theme”

Now you go over to your Blogger site. Here is the page you’ll see as the owner of the blog. Go across to the links on the left of the page and click “Theme”:

Step 5. Go to your Blogger site in Customize

Go up to the red “Customize” button here at the center of the page, and remember, click on the down arrow just in front of it. This brings up the drop down menu here:

Step 6. Edit HTML

Now click on “Edit HTML” on the menu: This brings up a page full of code.

Place the cursor on the workspace where the code is written. Click on any place to activate the workspace with the code. Find the tag </body> in the code.

This can be done with the keyboard shortcut for Windows: CTRL+F. Keyboard shortcuts for Mac: Command + F. From the search bar that appears, write the word </body>. Next, you need to press the “Enter” button on the keyboard.

Place the cursor just before </body> tag , i.e. right before the pointed bracket before (don’t leave a space), then click Ctrl plus V on your computer keyboard. This is the “Paste” shortcut, and it pastes the HTML code you just copied from your (Step 3.) account onto the existing code here.

Step 7. Save live chat in code

Then you go up to the top right of the page and click on this Save icon, to save the changes to the code:

Testing live chat on your site

Step 8. Try to start using live chat

You have now installed your widget live chat on Blogger, and you can test it and see how it works.

Next go to your blog page as readers see it, and you can see the blue Omnichannel Live Chat icon on the bottom right corner of the page:

Learn how to change colors, content, design, size, fonts for the website chatbox. Customize chat window’s appearance to look similar to your blog.

Step 9. Start live chat in Blogger

You see when you click “We are online”, there’s a space to fill in your name, email and question.

As you can see, once you fill in your name and email address, the blue “Start chat” button lights up, and site users can start a conversation any time:

You have Omnichannel Live Chat customer support fully integrated on your site. provides support for multiple types of transport, including live chat on websites, email, WhatsApp, Free Plugin for WordPress etc.

Operators can benefit from using both Windows and macOS software as well as Android and iOS mobile apps.

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