How to install the chat code on Ecwid

Installation live chat via Ecwid control panel 1. Log in the Ecwid control panel and go to Website > SEO and on the page find SEO settings. 2. In the field called Header meta tags and site verification you can insert the live chat code. After you save the code, a live chat will be Read more

How to collect reviews on customer service

Customers can leave reviews right from the chat Once a conversation between a visitor and your agent has started, chatbox shows a link to leave a review. The reviews are supposed to reflect the quality of customer services your agents provide. Angry customers can ruin the reputation of your business. You contain the negative Read more

How to create a FAQ page for an e-commerce website

Why you need a FAQ page The purpose of the FAQ page on an e-commerce site is to retain customers and maximize sales. With a good choice of keywords, a FAQ page is also an opportunity to improve SEO for the site. On a site selling a wide range of products from different sources, the Read more

Add lead generation request call back form to your website offers a built-in form for your visitors to requests a phone call back right from the chatbox. How to trigger this form from a website? There should be a button, a link, or any other element on your website that you would like to use for lead generation and collect the visitor’s phone number Read more

How to turn off sound notifications on mac?

By default, when you install live chat app on your Mac, you can get notifications for every message from your visitors. The notifications play a standard system sound which can be annoying sometimes. Here is a small guide on how to turn off the sound for them. It was written for macOS Monterey(12.2), but Read more

How to install live chat on a WordPress website

Here you can see more amazing live chat features plugged into the live chat plugin for your WordPress website. First, Let’s get to the plugins section of your blog. For that, open your WordPress dashboard and click on the Plugins link in the left menu. Now we are in the Plugins section, where we Read more

How to install live chat on a PrestaShop website

To add the chat widget to your website, sign up with If you already have an account, follow these simple steps: Copy the chatbox html code to your clipboard using the Copy the code button or ctrl+c on your keyboard. Installing code in PrestaShop via FTP Step 1: Go to FTP client You need Read more

How to install live chat on a WiX website free

To set up the chat on your website and sign up with, take the following steps. Installing chat on WiX Step 1: Access the administration panel on your website WiX So, access the administration panel and choose “Edit Site” option. Step 2: Choose the button “Add” on your website On the administration panel Read more