How to turn off sound notifications on mac?

By default, when you install live chat app on your Mac, you can get notifications for every message from your visitors. The notifications play a standard system sound which can be annoying sometimes.
Here is a small guide on how to turn off the sound for them. It was written for macOS Monterey(12.2), but it works for almost all versions. notifications

1. Open System Preferences

System Preferences can be found by clicking on the apple logo in the top left corner.
Once you are in, find and click on the Notifications and Focus

2. Find and uncheck the Play sound for notifications checkbox

You will see the list of all the installed applications on your Mac. Please scroll down to our favorite live chat for websites and click on it.
Make sure you have enabled the Allow Notifications switch and uncheck the Play sound for the notifications checkbox.

That’s all. You are all set! Mac will automatically save the changes, and all new notifications will be delivered in silent mode.

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