How to add chat box HTML code for website


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Now let’s move on to some technical stuff.

Do you use any CMS?

If not, jump right away to the installing HTML code section.
Otherwise, click on your CMS from the following list for specific guidance.

How to install the chat box for websites

1. Enter admin panel -> open the Widgets page

Head over to your member area and open the Widgets page

2. Select widget

Click on the widget you want to install. If you haven’t created a widget yet, please create it by clicking on the Create Widget button

3. Click on the Installation tab

On the Widget’s page, open the Installation tab

4. Copy the html code -> Paste the code in the </head> section

Copy the chatbox html code to your clipboard using the Copy the code button or ctrl+c on your keyboard

Paste the code to all the pages of your website in the </head> section

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