How to customize chat box

At, we know how important it is to maintain your brand awareness and for all the elements on your website to have the same colors, styles, and fonts. That is why we are constantly working on making our chat widget as customizable as most of our clients need.

  1. Start with logining in to your account and open the Widgets page.
  2. Next proceed with choosing the widget you would like to customize the appearance of.
  3. On the next page click on the Appearance tab to open the chat window customization page.

It is important to know that desktop and mobile chatbox windows have different visualizations and are customized separately.

Customize full chat window

The full widgets are shown when a visitor is chatting with customer support.
On the previous Widgets > Appearance window, click on the Desktop > Full link.

Here we will highlight the features available for customization.

The Corner Radius setting allows you to choose from having completely square(Radius=0) corners to have them round.

With the Shadow parameter, you can change the transparency of the shadow below the widget. From having completely no shadows(0%) to strong at the maximum 100% level.

With the Allow Attachments checkbox on your visitors can send documents and images as attachments to the conversation. And the Allow Screenshots option adds Screenshots to the attachments, making it easier for the customers to share their screens with your operators.

When Remove Branding is turned off, the widget becomes completely white-label. There is not going to be any mention of the brand anymore.

Whenever you need to roll back all the changes and start over from the original default settings, you can click on the Reset Widget Appearance button.

On the Colors tab, you can change the background colors of the elements of the chatbox. Again, we recommend using the hex codes. You can copy-paste the color codes from your website’s style sheet to the fields. We recommend changing the widget colors according to the color palette you have on your website.

The same can be done with the text elements. You can change the fonts and text colors on the Fonts tab.

Customizing Compact chatbox widget

The compact chatbox widget is just a small bar shown in a browser’s corner. It serves to show if there are any unread messages or invite the visitor to start a conversation with your customer support. It has much fewer settings than the Full one.
On the previous Widgets > Appearance window, click on the Desktop > Compact link.

Customizing automatic messages in your widget

Read the article that provides examples of how to effectively use proactive chat triggers for different business purposes.

Customizing Collecting Leads

Have the opportunity to capture your potential customers. Ask them how to contact them better. Ask them for contact details, automatically saving yourself time.

Do not hesitate to write us your questions in the online chat. Agents we are in touch 24/7 to improve your customer interaction.

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