How to collect real reviews with Live Chat

The idea behind live chat is simple: customers can ask questions or get answers directly from the company itself. If your customer service is good and the conversation ends positively, why not ask the client to leave a review somewhere?

You do not need to create a special landing page or send additional requests, the live chat widget will handle the work automatically at the exact moment when the visitor wants to reciprocate for your help. That is how your business can get genuine, almost entirely free reviews.

How does it look from the client’s point of view?

After the conversation, the widget will ask the visitor how the session went, and the visitor will be asked to rate it by clicking on one of the five stars. If the feedback rating is low, say one, two, or three stars, the widget inquires for more information. It is essential to containing the negative reviews within the platform, not to let them in public spaces. Allow the client to vent all the steam right where it happened.

If the rating is 4 or 5 stars, then it is the client we want to ask to share its experience somewhere else, for example, Google Maps, TrustPilot, or any other customer feedback software. The widget then shows the links of the platforms you work with and encourages the customer to click on them.

How to set up a review collection for your website

Head to your widget’s settings page and open the Collect Reviews section. Put in the links to your pages on the reviews platforms and set the Delay, after which the reviews trigger will ask the customer to leave a review.

If you want to change the texts in the automatic messages, please do it on the Appearance -> Dictionary page.

One review is left by one customer. If you need to ask the customer again. You need to set up the “Days to request feedback again” function.

How can I get more reviews?

If you want to encourage the visitors to leave reviews more often, consider adding an incentive. For example, if a customer leaves a review, they could receive a discount coupon code or a gift card. You can apply it on the settings page.

We recommend not to focus on leaving strictly positive reviews so that the request would seem more genuine and the resulting review would be honest. But, of course, we do not want just the stars. We want to understand our customers, right?

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