How to add live chat to your WooCommerce store

IInstalling the chat for WooCommerce store 1. Open your WordPress admin panel and click on the Plugins. We are in the Plugins section, where we can add new plugin for WooCommerce. 2. Now, click on the Add New button. The plugin we need is 3. Type in the search box in the top-right corner of the page.  4. Once the live chat Read more

How to embed live chat box in a website

By default, the chatbox shows up on your website as a widget in the bottom-right corner. In this guide, we will show how with minimum coding you can make rendering in an <div> anywhere on your website. It might be helpful if you decided to integrate the live chat on your support page, knowledge Read more

How can I install the same chatbox on multiple websites? does not check on what websites any of our widgets are installed. Therefore, you can install the same chatbox HTML code on any of your subdomains, subfolders, or other domains without any additional setup. For example, you have your website at and your blog on Your website is a custom-built one, and Read more

How to add chat box HTML code for website

Registration The first step is to get an account at Click on the Sign-Up link, enter your email, and we will send you access details right away! Now let’s move on to some technical stuff. Do you use any CMS? If not, jump right away to the installing HTML code section. Otherwise, click on Read more

How to add live chat on the website

Connect live chat with to engage visitors via chat. The installation takes only a 5 minute and opens up a lot of possibilities to provide a better customer service. Installation live chat for Follow the steps below to install chat on your site: Sign in to admin panel and click on the Read more

How to add live chat to BigCommerce

To set up the chat on your website and sign up with, take the following steps. Installation live chat for via Google Analytics On BigCommerce, select your admin website’s “Advanced settings” and click on “Data Solutions.” Position your mouse in the “Google Analytics“section and click. Paste the tracking code generated in your account. After Read more

How to install the chat code on Webnode

Installation live chat for Webnode via “Edit site” 1. On Webnode, select your website’s template and click on “Edit site.” Position your mouse in the section of your website click the plus button and HTML. 2. In the field called “HTML INSERTER,” you can insert the chat code. 3. After you save the code and Read more