How can I install the same chatbox on multiple websites? does not check on what websites any of our widgets are installed. Therefore, you can install the same chatbox HTML code on any of your subdomains, subfolders, or other domains without any additional setup.

For example, you have your website at and your blog on Your website is a custom-built one, and your blog runs on WordPress. So you plan to install the same chatbox widget on two different websites.
Installation on can be done by copy-pasting the widget HTML code into the website’s code, and installation on the blog can be with by using WordPress Live Chat plugin. Despite the installation procedures being different, the widget will be automatically configured so visitors on both the blog and website can communicate with your customer support team.

It might be that you are using multiple domains for the same website. For example, for French visitors, for German ones. In this case, you just need to follow the same installation procedure and install the same HTML chatbox code on all the domains. Our system is expected to work flawlessly with such a setup.

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