Add lead generation request call back form to your website offers a built-in form for your visitors to requests a phone call back right from the chatbox.

How to trigger this form from a website?

There should be a button, a link, or any other element on your website that you would like to use for lead generation and collect the visitor’s phone number the moment they see it.

Let’s connect this element to the call-back request form.

In this case, simply change the href=”” to this link:


So the link would be seen as:

<a href="javascript:txtme.api.openWidget(['show_call_me_back']);">Call me</a>

Connect the call-back form to an HTML button, &lt;button&gt; or &lt;input&gt;

For a button the code will be slightly different, we will need to override the onclick event:

<button onclick="txtme.api.openWidget(['show_call_me_back']);">Call me</button>

Turn the form on for your widget

The phone icon and the form itself can be turned on and off on the Appearance > General page.
Just check the check box and Publish the changes.

That’s all!
Now you can collect leads from any button on your website.

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