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Why is best live chat software?
  • There’s no limit on chats
  • There’s no limit on messages
  • There’s no limit on sessions
Free live chat for<br>WordPress
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Using Live Chat  on Your Blog

Using Live Chat design element 129
on Your Blog

With a live chat platform like, you can offer your visitors quick results and answers to all of their questions and queries in real-time. You’ll be providing them with the best customer experience possible, increasing design element 130 your revenue, and cutting your operational costs in the process.
With, your visitors won’t have to second guess anything, and they won’t have to jump between pages to get answers to their queries. By providing them with the information that they need directly to their screen, you’ll enjoy happy customers and an increase in paid subscriptions.
Wanting to attract new users to your site? Enhance your visitors’ experience with a live chat service like By receiving immediate feedback from your visitors, you’ll see a growth in free subscribers and, over time, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your sales soar.
This can be done by setting up a real-time chat and promptly answering readers’ questions.
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Integrate Live Chat
With Your e-Commerce Site

No matter what the online store plugin you use on your WordPress site, live chat can integrate with it. From WooCommerce to eShop, JigoShop, and WP Shop, you can install your live chat feature directly to your store in a matter of minutes.
Grow trusting relationships with your audience and boost conversion rates by making your chat agents accessible to them in just a few clicks. Give users answers to their questions and provide them with additional information about your services to proactively guide them towards a purchase.
With easy access to your customer support agents, customers will have all of the information they need to buy your products. Say goodbye to cart abandonments and hello to increased revenue as you confidently lead your customers through their online shopping experience. (write about chat triggers).
Unhappy customers abandon the business. Integrating live chat into your WordPress site allows resolving incidents when they occur by being in touch with your customers 24/7, resulting in a lower churn rate and better customer satisfaction.
Integrate Live Chat With Your e-Commerce Site

On-Site Live Chat Via Our WP Plugin design element 139

  • No programming knowledge needed
  • Installation in less than 5 minutes
  • Lean and lightweight
  • Minimal impact on website speed
On-Site Live Chat Via Our WP Plugin
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Installing Live Chat With WP Plugin

Install Word Press Plugin
Search for ‘’ in the ‘Plugins’ tab in your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Install Now’.
Register on the Website
Create a account using your preferred email address and a password will be sent to you shortly.
Download the App
Download the app to your computer or phone and add your agents to your account.
Test Your Live Chat
Send a test message from your website to your agent to check it is working correctly.
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Setting Up Your Live Chat

Setting Up Your
Live Chat design element 142

Thanks to our intuitive interface, you can customize every aspect of your live chat window. From the color palette to the size of the chat window, you can personalize virtually every aspect of it to align with your company’s branding.
With, you can create greeting forms that ask for your customers’ personal contact information such as their name, address, and phone number. You’ll enjoy continuous dialogue with prospective customers, giving you more opportunities to close sales in the long run. customization features aren’t limited to just the visual elements of your chat window! Now, you can add numerous different language options from the comforts of your admin panel in your account.
Improve the chances of opening a dialogue with your clients by putting a face to your agents’ names. Administrators can add a photo of agents to the live chat widget, offering your customers a more personable experience.
Motivate your website visitors to start a chat by setting up triggers that show them you’re available to help them with any queries or questions they may have. Personalize each trigger to your target audience to give yourself the best chance of grabbing their attention.
With, your customers can leave reviews directly in the live chat window. No more heading to other online platforms to let off some steam. If they have a problem with your customer support, they can tell you directly, making it easier for your business to take full control of your online reputation.
More Awesome Live Chat Features

More Awesome
Live Chat Features

Customer callback gives your customer the chance to request a phone call later, should they want to switch to a phone conversation. And, it’s another great way to collect phone number leads, so you can let them know about future promotions and offerings.
Everyone uses WhatsApp nowadays, and businesses are no exception! live chat makes it easier than ever before for your customers to get in touch with your business, thanks to our WhatsApp integration feature. Now, they can learn more about your services from the comforts of their favorite messaging applications!
Thanks to our multi-channel approach, you can contact your customers even when they’re not at their computers. Whether your customer closes their browser or heads offline altogether, you can continue the same conversation with them via email or WhatsApp.
A true omnichannel approach makes it easy for you to reply to all customer emails from one application. Incoming emails are easily integrated into existing conversations so your agents don’t have to jump between channels to stay up-to-date.
With, your agents and customers can attach screenshots, photos, and documents to conversations, regardless of the communication channel. Now, agents can email customers with attachments, and customers can receive and reply to these via WhatsApp without losing the flow of their conversation.
Sometimes words just aren’t enough! That’s why allows visitors to capture and send screenshots to the agents to make their inquiries more clear and concise. Whether your customer is experiencing an issue with their purchase or your website, your agent can better understand the customer’s concerns with just a few simple images.

Answer the chats
from wherever you are

  • Use our apps on all the platforms
  • Receive notifications on your mobile phone
  • Answer chats, emails, WhatsApp from a single app
  • Continuous conversation wherever you are

Answer the chats
from wherever you are





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Multi-Level Customer Support for Tickets design element 160

Be confident in your customer support, knowing that no ticket is ever left behind! Each time an issue occurs, agents create a ticket which is then sent to another agent or manager who can help resolve the issue. No ticket is ever closed until it is fixed, so you can rest assured knowing that no problem will ever slip through the cracks.
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design element 163 Hybrid ticket flows
Clickable ticket IDs design element 164
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design element 166 Personal notes feature
Multi-Level Customer Support for Tickets

WordPress Live Chat Plugin FAQ

The WordPress live chat plugin is simple. Your website visitors will see a widget on the bottom right of their screen. When they click on it, they’ll be able to message you directly. Alternatively, you can actively engage with them by sending them a message.
To integrate live chat on your WordPress website, simply go to your WordPress dashboard, hover over the ‘Plugins’ menu item, and click ‘Add new’. In the search bar on this new page, type ‘’. Then, click ‘Install’ followed by ‘Activate.’
You can find a step-by-step guide with images and videos on installing live chat on your WordPress website here.
With you have a choice of two different plans. With the Free plan, no card commitment is required. With the Pro version, you’ll enjoy a wealth of additional features, and you can choose to pay a monthly fee or enjoy significant savings by opting for an annual billing subscription. You can find out more about our pricing and the various features included in each plan here.
To start using, all you need is an active email address and a password for Register. You will receive an email to log into your account, and you will be able to start setting up your chat.
Once you’ve set up live chat on your WordPress site, simply write a test message to the chat and check that it was received in your customer service agent’s dashboard. If the message appears, you’re all set up, and your agents can work their magic with your customers.
At, we don’t monitor where widgets are installed, meaning you can copy and paste the same HTML code from other domains, subdomains, and subfolders without the need for any other additional setup. For more information on how to set up your live chat on your other websites, click on this link.