Free Omnichannel Customer Support
Plugin for WordPress.

Connect with your customers by live chat, Email, WhatsApp, all-in-one App provides free integration plugin for WordPress photo provides free integration plugin for WordPress photo

What live chat offers for your WordPress

Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform apps

Communicate with your clients from wherever you are. Use at your office with Windows and macOS clients or reply in the chats on the go with our iOS and Android apps.
True omnichannel experience

True omnichannel experience

The customers can close the browser window and continue the same conversation using their email or WhatsApp. All the messages will appear as they came from the same source.
Uninterrupted conversations

Uninterrupted conversations

With our intelligent visitor identification, we keep all history in our chat, even if the last messages arrived months ago. So let your operators see everything that the customer has wrote in one app.

How to install chatbox on a WordPress?

1. Create a new account at if you haven't done it yet
2. Create a new widget in your member area, add operators, customize the widget's style
3. Read the WordPress live chat plugin installation guide
4. Install WordPress plugin from your WordPress panel
5. Download our software on your computer or mobile phone
6. Create a test conversation to make sure that everything is flawless

What is included in the free
WordPress chatbox?

Fast and reliable multi-platform software for interaction with your customers
Operator Workplace
1 Operator
Windows App
MacOs App
iOS App
Android App
Messages Workflow
Cross-browser customizable Widget
Unlimited history
Outgoing Email to offline visitors
Incoming Email from offline visitors
Document/images as Attachments
Send Screenshots
No new chats for old conversations
Extra Features
Customers reviews
WordPress plugin