Who we need?
If you are as passionate for work as we are, we should definitely see each other!
  • Salary is as scheduled.
  • Company benefits include premium health insurance, gym membership and the opportunity to own a stake in the company.
  • The setting of tasks is clear, and the KPIs are fair.
  • We'll arrange a relocation to Barcelona for you and your family.
  • The office is comfortable and has all the necessary infrastructure.
    Hot drinks and cookies are in place!;)
Living in Barcelona

Lots of professionals seek to reside in Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city, as expats, due to its mild climate and high quality of life. Another reason is a whole bunch of software companies who have their HQs here.

Its location on the Mediterranean coast ensures low prices on fresh high quality food. Local cuisine is famous for its delicious wines, ham and traditional cheeses.

As an EU country and Euro zone member, Spain provides visa-free mobility for you and safety for your savings. In general, Spain is a very safe place to live.

The social security and assistance system in Barcelona is ranked among the most effective across Europe.


We provide work permits for you and your family and pay for a comfort class accommodation. A specially assigned employee deals only with household issues.