Proactive Chat Triggers

The old model: reactive chat When chat options first became available on websites, they were based on the reactive model. A visitor to the site had a problem or a query, hit the chat button, and spoke to an agent who provided the necessary assistance or information. But the inadequacies and the missed opportunities of Read more

How To Customize Chatbox

At, we know how important it is to maintain your brand awareness and for all the elements on your website to have the same colors, styles, and fonts. That is why we are constantly working on making our live chat widget as customizable as most of our clients need. Start with logining in to Read more

Live chat canned responses: What they are, plus 7 examples.

Telephone support is great when it works. The customer has a problem, so they contact a customer service team. They dial an easily found low-cost phone number, which is quickly answered. The person answering the phone knows how to solve the customer’s problem and provides clear information that resolves the query. The call ends. Unfortunately, Read more