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Make every interaction with your customers incredibly personal!
  • Forever free tier for 1 agent
  • Unlimited chats, messages, sessions
  • Human chatbot to answer all your chats 24/7 with real humans
  • Built-in helpdesk ticketing system
Live Chat<br> for Websites
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Setting Up Your Live Chat

Setting Up Your
Live Chat

Thanks to our intuitive interface, you can customize every aspect of your live chat window. From the color palette to the size of the chat window, you can personalize virtually every aspect of it to align with your company’s branding.
With, you can create greeting forms that ask for your customers’ personal contact information such as their name, address, and phone number. You’ll enjoy continuous dialogue with prospective customers, giving you more opportunities to close sales in the long run. customization features aren’t limited to just the visual elements of your chat window! Now, you can add numerous different language options from the comforts of your admin panel in your account.
Improve the chances of opening a dialogue with your clients by putting a face to your agents’ names. Administrators can add a photo of agents to the live chat widget, offering your customers a more personable experience.
Motivate your website visitors to start a chat by setting up triggers that show them you’re available to help them with any queries or questions they may have. Personalize each trigger to your target audience to give yourself the best chance of grabbing their attention.
With, your customers can leave reviews directly in the live chat window. No more heading to other online platforms to let off some steam. If they have a problem with your customer support, they can tell you directly, making it easier for your business to take full control of your online reputation.
More Awesome Live Chat Features

More Awesome
Live Chat Features

Customer callback gives your customer the chance to request a phone call later, should they want to switch to a phone conversation. And, it’s another great way to collect phone number leads, so you can let them know about future promotions and offerings.
Everyone uses WhatsApp nowadays, and businesses are no exception! live chat makes it easier than ever before for your customers to get in touch with your business, thanks to our WhatsApp integration feature. Now, they can learn more about your services from the comforts of their favorite messaging applications!
Thanks to our multi-channel approach, you can contact your customers even when they’re not at their computers. Whether your customer closes their browser or heads offline altogether, you can continue the same conversation with them via email or WhatsApp.
A true omnichannel approach makes it easy for you to reply to all customer emails from one application. Incoming emails are easily integrated into existing conversations so your agents don’t have to jump between channels to stay up-to-date.
With, your agents and customers can attach screenshots, photos, and documents to conversations, regardless of the communication channel. Now, agents can email customers with attachments, and customers can receive and reply to these via WhatsApp without losing the flow of their conversation.
Sometimes words just aren’t enough! That’s why allows visitors to capture and send screenshots to the agents to make their inquiries more clear and concise. Whether your customer is experiencing an issue with their purchase or your website, your agent can better understand the customer’s concerns with just a few simple images.
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We are a team of design element 43 Real People who operate your website's live chat 24/7 to Generate Sales Leads. design element 44

You can start using our software as a simple live chat answering the customer inquiries yourself, or you can connect our Human Chatbot, real human operators working in shifts, improving your customers' experiences, collecting leads, and increasing sales.

Activate this feature at any time in your account.
We always learn design element 45 about your business.
As we are real people and not automated chatbots, we can learn. So with every chat and message, our agents know more about your business, making every following response more meaningful.
Total flexibility, 24/7, 365 days per year. design element 46
We can answer the chats every day, every hour, and every minute, or we can adapt to your company's schedule. Our pool of operators is extensive and flexible enough to quickly adapt to your chat volume.
We are humans, not bots. design element 47
Have you ever actually had a positive experience with chatbots? Probably neither did your customers. Our agents use scripts to optimize the workload. Still, whenever the conversation slides away, we can show the
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Multi-Level Customer Support for Tickets design element 49

Be confident in your customer support, knowing that no ticket is ever left behind! Each time an issue occurs, agents create a ticket which is then sent to another agent or manager who can help resolve the issue. No ticket is ever closed until it is fixed, so you can rest assured knowing that no problem will ever slip through the cracks.
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Multi-Level Customer Support for Tickets

Answer the chats
from wherever you are

  • Use our apps on all the platforms
  • Receive notifications on your mobile phone
  • Answer chats, emails, WhatsApp from a single app
  • Continuous conversation wherever you are

Answer the chats
from wherever you are





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Installing Live Chat on a Website

From outside
From outside
From the outside, Omnichannel Customer Support is just an HTML Chatbox. It takes just a few minutes to install it on practically any website. We have built-in integration plugins for some modern CMS, and for all other websites, the chat box can be installed by copy-pasting our HTML code.
If you use any particular CMS
If you use any particular CMS
Click on one of the following links to get more information on how to install Omnichannel Customer Support live chat on your: WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Webnode, Ecwid, Prestashop, WiX, Bitrix, Opencart, Tilda, WiziShop, ModX, Squarespace, Blogger.
Using Google Tag Manager
Using Google Tag Manager
It is probably the most versatile chatbox installation method. Check out this small guide to get more details.
For all other websites
For all other websites
The installation process consists of two actions: take our HTML code and put it on your website. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get the code.
design element 186 Live Chat FAQ

To add live chat to your website, please follow these steps:

  1. Start by registering at
  2. Get the HTML chatbox code for your widget
  3. Place the code on your website's pages
  4. Open, or use any of our apps to answer the chats

Yes, we do have a free tier!

However, our most powerful features for improving your business's customer experience are only available for paid accounts.

The live chat for websites is entirely free for a single operator. You can use it as long as needed without paying.

The modules like Tickets, White label emailing, WhatsApp, and others are only available for paid projects.

Yes! You can change the chatbox's appearance to your needs, including but not limited to:

  • Change the colors
  • Change the texts, translate them
  • Rename, add photos to your agents
  • Change the positioning

Yes! We automatically detect the visitor's preferred language and show the matched translation. The widget can be translated on its settings page, Appearance -> Dictionary section.

Yes! We have apps for all the platforms available in your member area.

Yes! By default, sends emails to offline visitors from our shared domain, which can be changed to your company's private SMTP server.

The same applies to incoming emails.

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