Holistic customer experience platform

Software built on the belief that everything is connected: your business, your customers, your customer service agents
The txt.me сustomer support platform provides a genuine omnichannel user experience making it easier for your customers to change the means of communication with your support agents without interrupting the conversation.

After having integrated txt.me into your website, you will be able:

Continue the conversation with your client even if the browser window has been closed. txt.me will seamlessly change the transport to keep the customer on the line with your operators.
Keep all the conversation history no matter what way did the customer contact you. For example, was it started on your website, then switched to WhatsApp and finished by email? You, as the operator, will see it as one continuous conversation from the single txt.me application.

Put all your digital interactions in one place

The ultimate goal of omnichannel customer support is integrating every outreach method in one board to eliminate siloed engagements.
Omnichannel customer support strategy helps to gain customer insights into their profile and previous interactions to increase the quality of the service, enhance customer loyalty, and retain users more efficiently.
As an operator, to be online no matter where you are. Use our Windows or MacOS software in your office and download Android or iOS mobile apps on your mobile phone to be in contact with your clients on the go.

How does the txt.me omnichannel
customer service platform work?

Provide seamless support to your customers by email, live chat, or any other popular channels of communication from a single application — txt.me. Our omnichannel customer support software can be installed in 4 easy steps:
1. Create an account. Register on the site to get access to your admin panel.
2. Install txt.me on the website in 1 minute. Add a small JavaScript snippet to your site or Install it is as a free plugin for WordPress.
3. Create your widget for a live chat in the admin panel of txt.me. Invite your teammates and start chatting with your customers
4. Get a profit. straight after the registration and installation.
In the old days, to provide the customers with the communication ways they ask for, you had to have multiple independent software from different vendors. So, for example, you had to have E-Mail client, WhatsApp Business, Live Chat Software, and many others.
omnichannel customer engagement photo
omnichannel customer engagement photo
Now, with txt.me, you can use just one single software that integrates all the major communication platforms into one single customer interaction interface. You start by installing the Live Chat chatbox on your website. And then, whenever you need, you connect more communication platforms.

Cross-platform Live Chat app

We understand that you need to be in contact with your customers whenever you are and whatever hardware is available to you at precisely this moment. So we have created software for Windows and macOS as long as for iOS and Android platforms.

Free Live Chat solution software for Websites and Apps

Txt.me provides powerful options to customize your live chat widget to match your brand and website style. Your customer support team can have multiple operators working from different platforms communicating with your clients by different messaging systems, and all that is this flow is transparently orchestrated by txt.me Omnichannel Customer support software.

Free Live Chat solution software for Websites and Apps

Free Live Chat solution software for Websites and Apps

What is included in the free version?

Operator Workplace
1 Operator
Windows App
MacOs App
iOS App
Android App
Messages Workflow
Cross-browser customizable Widget
Unlimited history
Outgoing Email to offline visitors
Incoming Email from offline visitors
Document/images as Attachments
Send Screenshots
No new chats for old conversations
Extra Features
Customers reviews
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